Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello from Freedom...

Hola Everyone,

As I'm sure everyone knows, I've been in the hospital since last Monday with Dengue Fever.  They finally let me leave this morning, so I spent almost 6 days in the hospital.  It was a long week of fevers, low blood pressure, vomiting, terrible food, and just overall "Blgh."  I'm really feel tons better now and am glad I'm past the fever.  I'm still weak, and I've lost lots a weight, but I'm happy and just enjoying being a freeman from that hospital room too!

So I wish I had lots of new, exciting things to tell everyone about my assignment in the office, but you'll have to wait until next Saturday because I really didn't get around to doing it.  Being stuck in the hospital really slowed things up.  However, my new companion, Elder Astacio, is a stud and helped me out with some of my responsibilities while I was in the hospital.  So, I'm very grateful I didn't get too behind!

Well, that's how my week went.  Spent the past 6 days in the hospital with Dengue Fever.  I'm made it, and I'm doing well!  Thanks for the love and prayers everyone!  It was a very different week of my mission and I'm looking forward to a "slower" week.  

Have a great week everyone!!

Elder Jensen

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  1. I was in Elder Jensen's district in Gurabo when he was brand new and he came to visit me in the hospital when I got Dengue fever. Send my best out to him, he is a great missionary.

    Nathaniel Anderson