Saturday, September 21, 2013

Office job...

Hola everyone!

This past week has been a very busy week for my companion and I.  Things in the office are just really busy right now.  We have the 2 assistants, 2 secretaries, and us.  But, it seems even with all 6 of us we can't keep up with sick missionaries, housing problems, and our regular responsibilities.  It's just a whirl-wind of exchanges, errands, and busy-ness  However, we seem to be finding a little more time to relax now that all of it is taken care of.  I have to say that the most interesting thing that happened to me at the office this week was defending on vehicle needs with a guy in Santo Domingo.  He was insisting that we needed to turn in one of our mission vehicles, but I said no.  We need the extra truck and I couldn't give it up.  Well, he tried pushing me around because I'm only 20, but I wouldn't let him.  So eventually, we came to terms that I'd give him the old truck he wanted, but he'd give me the new truck (for the incoming couple missionaries) a 3 weeks early.  So, it's been interesting doing grown-up things and having to demonstrate that I can be "grown-up."

So, my companion and I preparing for a baptism in 3 weeks.  We're teaching a couple who's really had a very hard life.  The man is a "less-active" RM and his wife isn't a member.  Well, about 1 month ago, they left for different errands and their house caught on fire.  The saddest part is that their 3 kids were left inside and died.  It's been really hard on our ward.  The miracle about this though, is that this couple knows and understands god's plan for us.  They really want to get sealed in the temple and have the knowledge that they can be with their kids again.  It's been a painful process, I'm sure, but I think it's helped Omar and Carolina realize God's Plan and the importance of the gospel.  So, my companion and I have a lot of work in head of us.

Well, not much else is new in my life.  I'm doing well and enjoying what I'm doing.  I know that I'm where I need to be and I'm doing exactly what I should be doing.  I know this church is true and I know that god lives.  Shall we not go on is so great a cause?  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

I'm going to send a bunch of pictures showing alittle of what I do and such.  Hope you enjoy!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Elder Jensen



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