Saturday, April 28, 2012

First day in DR...

Hello Everyone!
   They are letting the missionaries of the MTC in the DR write a quick
email home.   I'll tell you what....I'm not in Kansas anymore.  We got into
the Airport in Santo Dominigo and I was completely lost.  I had customs and
immigration to go through and I couldn't understand a word people were
saying.  Then we got into this car with this guy named Antonio and I was
terrified for my life.  I mean first, he was a complete stranger.  Second,
he didn't speak English, and third, I was expecting a nice church van, not
a beat up mini van.  Lucky after we left things got better on the road.  He
asked about our missions and where we are going to serve.  He also is a
huge New York Yankee fan.  I guess Baseball is pretty huge down here!  I'm
glad we don't drive in my mission because I would be terrified to get
behind a wheel.  The drivers here are crazy.  No seat belts, speed limits,
or any type of rules it seems.
   Once we finally made it the CCM we were greeted by the President and the
other leaders of the CCM.  They gave us a quick meal and sent us off to
bed.  By the time bed rolled around, it was 12:00 AM here in the DR.  The
building is really nice and its nice to be on church property again.  There
are only 15 missionaries here right now and it fits up to 48.  There are
five Haitians and 10 of us from Provo.
   The people here are really nice and energetic!  I can't understand a word
of anything, but I am already seeing why people love it here!!!  All is
well and I made it safely.  I've got to go, so I'll email you on Thursday!!
Que vaya con Dios!
Elder Jensen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Week...

This was Russell's last week in the Provo MTC. He leaves tomorrow morning for the Dominican Republic! He will spend approx. 6 weeks in the DR MTC, primarily learning the language. He is having fun and enjoying what he is doing! ~Kimberly

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week in Review....

Hola Everyone!!

   Great News! I'm headed to the Domincan Republic.  I leave next Thursday morning at 3:00 AM to the DR MTC.  I don't have time to give you all the details and my flight numbers, but know I will fly to the D.R. next Thursday (April 26).  So my next email on Wednesday will include all of that.  My address for that MTC might change, so don't send any letters or anything until I can confirm that address.  I also get to call you in the airports so make sure you leave next Thursday open:)  I'm really going to miss my district, zone, and teachers here in Provo, but I know that being in the DR MTC will help me so much.  I'll be forced to speak Spanish and I'll also learn Dominican Spanish too.  So I'm looking forward to heading out there and continuing serving the lord.
   Last Friday we found out we no longer were to teach Jeremias.  As it turns out, he was actually one of our teachers pretending to be an investigator.  It was a shock, but it doesn't bug me at all.  He told be my Spanish pronunciation was a step below gringo status.  That was good to hear, but it hurt my pride just a little.  Guess I needed a lesson in humility.  I'm continuing learning Spanish and trying very hard to understand my teachers.  My knowledge of the gospel is slowly increasing and I look forward to helping the people of the Dominican Republic come unto Jesucristo.  Its really fun talking with people in the little Spanish I know.
   On Sunday, the MTC was privileged to listen to Elder M. Russell Ballard speak to us.  He spoke about the importance of our roles as missionaries.  Not just full-time missionaries, but member missionaries as well.  He said we carry "The single greatest news ever to be on this planet, save only the Lord Jesus Christ."  The gospel is that important!  Do we as members and full-time missionaries take our knowledge of the gospel for granted??  Do we just shrug off the notion that we have the fullness of the gospel in our lives??  According to Elder Ballard, we should share the good news of the gospel to every ear that will listen to it.  He counsel was just amazing!!  As a special musical number in the same fireside, Elder Archuleta sang the Spirit of God.  How do I put this.....IT WAS AMAZING!   The spirit was so strong, and it was like a chorus of angels were singing right behind him.  It was just something very special to be a part of.
  Overall, this past week has been really slow.  Nothing too exciting other than I got my travel plans to the DR.  Its been a blessing in my life to have family and friends who are so supportive of me while I'm serving the lord.  Yo se que la iglesia is verdadero.  Jesuscristo es nuestro el salvador.  Padre Celestial ama el hijos y hijas.  Yo amo mi familia y amigos.  Jose Smith fue un profeta y Pres. Monson is el profeta hoy.  En el nombre de Jesuscristo, Amen.

Que viya con Dios,

Love, Elder Jensen

***Pictures will come. According to Russell his camera is unable to connect the computers in the MTC. So as soon as he gets to the DR he will send lots! ~Kimberly

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 2...

Received another letter from Russell. He is doing great and having a fantastic time. ~Kimberly

Hola Everyone,
This week has been really good! I've been learning a lot more Spanish and learning the gospel. It is really fun to learn because I have an amazing teacher named Hermano Wells. He really knows how to teach the gospel. An average day, Monday through Saturday, consists of 6 hours of classroom time, 1 1/2 hours of meal time, 3 hours of study time, and an hour of gym time. Almost every minute of the day is scheduled for me. The schedule is altered everyday to switch up the order of things we do. Sunday is filled with church and study time. The food is pretty good, but it does some weird stuff to your insides.
This past Sunday President Boyd K. Packer came and spoke to us. He talked about Christ and the Atonement.
Elder Nelson and I are continuing to teach Jeremias. He is starting to develop faith and believe in Christ. He is confused about the Atonement and why Christ had to sacrifice himself for our sins. We hope to address this question next lesson. I am able to understand him more and use less hand gestures and more Espanol words.

Love, Elder Jensen

Sunday, April 8, 2012

First days...

Below is a shortened version of an email we recieved from Russell on April 7, 2012. He writes that he is doing well, learning a lot, and having a great time! His teacher at the MTC usually only speaks Spanish to the missionaries, so he is having to pay attention to everything he says. He can't wait to learn more. -~Kimberly

Hello Everyone!!
  The first few days here at the MTC have been amazing. The first day went by really quick. My companion's name is Elder Nelson. He is from an island in the Carribean called Barbados. On Friday, we taught are first investigator. His name is Jeremias. He is a student at UVU. He is very kind and open to the gospel. TEACHING IS SO COOL! I can't wait to teach him again Monday!

Elder Jensen

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day one...

                                                                I left for the MTC today!
This is Kimberly, I wasn't there to see him off, but my famiy was and they say it was kind of rough. They took some pictures, gave hugs, and then Russell was ready to go!