Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekly email...

Hola Everyone,

I can't believe that Saturday has already rolled around!  This week sure went quickly and I've been very busy.  But, it feels good to out and about after a week at the hospital.

So for my first full week at the Mission Office, I was very busy.  After week in the hospital, I had a little catching up to do.  So let's see...
Monday-I headed to the office and entered package reports and organized mission materials.  We also had run errands with my companion.
Tuesday-New missionaries came to a meeting and I had to help them receive all training materials.  Also, my companion and I had to go to a couple of missionaries' houses to check construction status.
Wednesday-Pretty slow day.  I ate at Wendy's.  Yummy.
Thursday-I picked up mail and packages from the different mail businesses.  Then in the afternoon my companion and I had to visit Puerto Plata and work with some missionary houses.  I pretty much just tagged along.  But, I SAW THE OCEAN!!!
Friday-I spent the day organizing mail to go to the missionaries and then a couple of errands for Pres. Douglas.
Saturday (Today)-P-day.  Good day to relax.
So all in all, that's my first full week of the office.  I have a feeling all the weeks will start looking the same.  But, I'm enjoying life; especially the A/C, haha.

So, missionary life in an office is a lot different then regular work.  I'm busy doing "non" missionary things like: visiting businesses, traveling to missionary's area around the mission, calling people, organizing mail, talking with the cell phone company, and just other random jobs that President Douglas needs or comes up.  It's an enjoyable learning experience to grow and gain knowledge of doing "grown up" things, but I'm learning something much more valuable in return.  I feel like the biggest thing I'm learning is maintaining my spirituality in a non-spiritual atmosphere.  I'm trying hard to find time to read my scriptures, pray, and share the gospel when at times I can't seem to find time to do so.  I'm learning how to continue strong in my calling and balance an "office job" at the same time.  I love this priceless experience that I'm learning that will help me prepare for my future as a working husband, father, and latter-day saint.  It's not easy to maintain your testimony and spirituality when you're very busy doing "worldly things," but we can do both and enjoy our time in the service and love of the master.  I wouldn't trade learning this for anything; Because I know that it'll help me learn to rely on my Heavenly Father and his son during the busy, hard, and "worldly" times in my life.  I know he lives and loves each and every one of us.  We are his heirs, and I know that we can return as families and live with God forever.  This church is true and Missionary work is awesome!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Have a good week everyone!!  Thanks for the continued love and support!!

Elder Jensen

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