Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Black Friday Weekend...

Hola everyone!!

It sounds like that Thanksgiving went well for everyone!  I'm glad that you all got your feel of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and gravy.  I wasn't able to have a "traditional" thanksgiving dinner this year, but I did celebrate the occasion with a yummy chicken sandwich from Wendy's.  I figured that was the most American, bird-meat meal I could get, so I savored every bite.  Yep, thanks Wendy's!

So this past week has been a big week of teaching, patience, and Christmas spirit.  Elder Morey and I have really jumped into training this past week, so I've been trying to teach him alot of stuff.  He's starting to get it, I'm just needing alot of patience while he's trying to grasp ideas, and the process of how things work.  But, he's learning and I think he'll do a good job.  Haha, he's not quite as organized as I am, but I don't think things should get too dis-organized.  We've worked on how cell phones work, the mail system in the mission, and basic usage of computer programs.  He wasn't a big computer person growing up, so we had to learn how to type, use outlook, and excel.  But, it's been a good experience for both of us; so all it well!  Elder Morey is a great missionary and really wants to finish up his last 7 months strong.  So it's been really fun these past couple of days.  Also, I've been listen to 100% Christmas music now, haha.  So I'm really in the spirit of Christmas!

Today was a very special day.  President Douglas assigned me to take a missionary down to the temple in Santo Domingo because a family he had baptized was getting sealed as an eternal family.  I felt very privileged to take him and I was very excited to attend as well; I mean it's been a year and a half.  The session was really good, and I enjoyed the instruction given during the endowment.  It was also really neat to see that family get sealed as well.  I was surprised how simple, yet powerful the sealing ordinance really is!  Witnessing that today has made me that much more excited and committed to making my eternal marriage last into the eternities.  I'm grateful for the gospel and the Plan Heavenly Father has created for us! I know that families are forever and that God has created a way for that to happen.  I know that Jesus Christ is our savior, redeemer, and older brother.  He wants us to succeed and he wants us to be happy.  I hope that we can all remember him during this Christmas season and remember the importance of his life, and what he's done for us!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Happy Holidays everyone!  Que vaya con Dios.

Love always,
Elder Jensen

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