Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feliz dia del accion del gracias!!

Hola everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I don't understand why it's so late this year, but I guess the calendar people just wanted to change things up.  So far, my plans here in the DR are nothing too special.  I think I might go to Wendy's to show my gratitude for the American Cheeseburger, but other then that I imagine it'll be a regular, normal, day.  However, I hope all of you enjoy your yummy, turkey filled dinner on Thursday!

Well, this past week was a really busy week for us.  Transfers was last Wednesday, so lots of our week was dedicated to that.  Monday, was kind of like the calm before the storm and we just organized all the stuff for transfers.  Tuesday, the new missionaries got to the mission and we had around 19 missionaries come in.  So, that meant that we had to pick them all up from the bus stop and take them to the mission home.  Well, after that I had to go with Elder Carroll to help a old missionary get his passport situation figured out so he could try to get a flight to go home.  Well, after that mess, we headed back to the mission home and ate dinner with all the new missionaries.  It was tacos!!!  YUMMY!  So that was the first couple of days of this week.

Wednesday was game day and I did the same thing as last time.  I drove the missionaries who were been transferred in Naverrete to and from Santiago.  It was pretty fun and I enjoyed driving President Douglas' car.  But, like last transfer someone got into another fender-bender and messed up my plans for the day.  Luckily, no one got hurt and it wasn't too bad.  But, I hope that this crashing tradition during transfers can come to an end.  Then, I finished off a long transfer day putting minutes on everyone's phone with my companion.  Thus, ends Elder Jensen's stressful transfer week.

Well, speaking of new companions; I just was put with my replacement named Elder Morey.  President Douglas decided it would be easier for everyone in the office if me and him just became companions 24/7 so that's what he did.  He's from Mapleton, UT and has 1 year and 5 months in the mission.  He seems really nice, and he's very energetic to learn and work in the office.  To tell you the truth, he's also a little odd, but I get a good laugh and things have been really fun these last couple of days.  I'm looking forward to spending the Christmas season with him as my companion.  It should be fun, and we'll make the best out of Christmas this year.

So, a lot of my good mission friends went home this past week.  It's interesting to see missionaries that I've worked with, played with, and learned with go home and move on in life.  It's weird to see how quickly time moves forward and how things change constantly.  Change is found everywhere and I think God uses these changes to help us shape our characters and help us on the path of eternal life.  I mean, change happens in the family, in school, in our jobs, in our bodies, in the world, in cultures; seriously, change is something so constant in our lives that "change" is almost the only thing that never changes (hope that makes sense).  It's up to us to accept that change exists and learn from the constant need to adapt and react to these new situations.  I feel like God puts change in our lives to help us grow and realize our constant need of him.  I know that God lives.  He is our loving Heavenly Father who only has our best interest at heart.  He wants us to succeed and he wants up to get up and dust ourselves off when we fall. His plan is perfect and if we have faith in his promises I know we'll always succeed.  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Thanks for all the emails, love, and support everyone!  Have a good Thanksgiving!!

Elder Jensen

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