Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Hola everyone,

So I'm writing today, since yesterday my companion and I spent the day translating for some American doctors.  It was really fun and I enjoyed translating for them.  I guess what happened was that Sister Douglas talked to one of her friends who works at St. Mark's hospital and a group of doctors came down and are giving free clinics to the poorest parts of the area.  It was a really good experience to help these people get some health care and see them leave happier and healthier too!  I would definitely do it again if they asked me to!

So this past week has been a big week of learning for me.  I've been busy trying to learn the area, get to know the investigators and the members, and I'm trying to learn my new position.  I got called about a week ago from President Douglas telling me that he would like me to be the new office Elder in charge of cell phones, mail, vehicles, and church materials.  I was not expecting that!  I'm excited to serve in this assignment, but its a really big job and alot of work.  I've started training today and I'm excited to serve in this new position and work with some really neat people.  I'm going to be training this whole transfer, so I'll officially become the "real deal" at the beginning of next transfer in about 5 weeks.

So as I've continued to serve in different areas around the country, I've noticed an overall commandment that the Dominican people have trouble keeping.  The law of Tithing.  It seems that the saints in this part of the world can't put their trust in god and give 10% (mind you, only 10% of what we earn) to the lord.  There's a scripture is Malachi that promises that the windows of heaven will be opened and there won't be enough room to receive them.  I recently received a letter from a member who told me about her blessings of paying tithing.  She commented that the trouble still comes around, but it is settled down much cheaper, smoother, and calm matter.  As I've seen people sacrifice almost all they have to pay the lord 10%, I've seen miracles and the blessings of the lord poor into their lives.  I know that the law of tithing isn't always easy.  Nothing in life ever is all the time, but I know that receiving the blessings of the lord is always worth it.  Without tithing, we wouldn't have temples, buildings, missionary work, and loads of other stuff.  We've all been blessed by tithing money, so I hope we can always put our trust in the lord and receive all the blessings of heaven.  The Dominican people still haven't learned that, but I hope we can all be examples of the believers and be full-tithe payers!  I know we will be blessed more then we can imagine.  En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Have a great week everyone!!

Elder Jensen

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