Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day...

So things in Fantino are hot!  I understand that it's been blazing hot (Or what you guys believe means hot) in Utah right now; we've also seen some heat, but also lot's of rain.  I walked through a couple rivers the other day.  Maybe I'll see my swimming skills put to use, haha.  But, the church has A/C so I'm happy.

This past week has been filled with a couple of interesting things.  We had Branch conference last Sunday and President Douglas came and spoke to us.  He shared different stories of the success and miracles that the mission is seeing in different area throughout the mission and that now is the time for Fantino.  He talked about how this church really is different from all the different churches and that we have a responsibility to share it with our friends and neighbors.  It was actually really, really good!  And Sister Douglas's Spanish is getting better!  After church, my companion and I invited them over to our house to eat Hamburgers and Potatoes.  They really were excited and had a really good time.  They said they were surprised that we had the courage to cook for our Mission President.  My companion and I thought that it was something we could do since they're always cooking for us missionaries.  It was really enjoyable!! We had a good time having lunch with President and Sister Douglas.

So things are really doing good with Libby!!  She told us last Sunday that she's feeling ready to be baptized again!  YEAH!!!  And we asked her how she felt about the 13th of July.  She felt that this is the day for her!!  I really have faith is will be the day this time!!  I've been working with her for over 5 months and I want to see here get baptized before I leave this area!  So hopefully is two weeks we'll see another baptism here in Fantino.

So life in the mission is continuing forward.  I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission the the Dominican Republic.  I'm learning alot about the world, the importance of the church structure, and alot about myself personally.  I'm grateful for this church and I know that my savior lives.  I wouldn't trade this experience of serving as one of his missionaries for anything.  The gospel is true and my testimony continues to get stronger.  Thanks for all the prayers and support everyone!  Missionary service is awesome!!  

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Jensen

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