Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Wednesday...

Hola everyone,

Wow, it's weird to see how fast the weeks seem to go by.  The days might drag on sometimes, but the weeks pass by like days.  Time is a really weird thing...

So last Sunday was the world wide training meeting on missionary work.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  I felt the spirit so strong!  I thought is was interesting that Elder Perry said that the time of knocking doors is ending; I have to agree because we really don't have success just knocking anymore.  However, he said that the church is hoping to use more social media and technology to spread the gospel.  I think missionaries will see a lot more success through tout the world, however, I'm not sure how we'll use it in my mission.  Alot of people here don't have Internet in their houses and use facebook only at Internet centers.   But, I'm sure that President Douglas and the Area Presidency will figure out the best way to incorporate this new contacting technique in the Caribbean.  Overall, the broadcast was really great and I learned alot.  Now, my companion and I are planning to show it to the leaders in the branch because nobody else came and watched it.  To tell you the truth, I feel it was honestly more for members then missionaries.  So I strongly encourage everyone to watch it.  You won't be disappointed...

Things in our area are slowly moving along.  My companion and I are focusing on our part and trusting that the lord will make up where we can't with the members.  We really hope that they can feel the joy of missionary work and the spirit of sharing the gospel like the stories in the Training meeting.  Members are the most important part of missionary work!

We continue to see some progress with our investigators.  We visited with Libby last week with a member.  He asked her what stopped her from being baptized.  She honestly didn't know the answer.  So we then helped her that it was the time to take a stand and make a decision.  She agreed that the time is now or never and that she needs to decide.  We have another visit with her this Friday and I hope, really hope that she gets baptized before I leave the area.  She has a testimony and I know she'll be a strong leader that Fantino needs.  She is our most progressing investigator at the time, but we're meeting some really cool new people.  So hopefully soon we'll have more.

I'm continuing my studies in the book of Alma and I've made it to the war chapters.  Captain Moroni is a stud!  In Alma 48:17 we learn that if all men could be steadfast like Moroni, Satan would have no more power over the hearts of men.  I want to be like Captain Moroni!  I think we should all learn from his example and stand up and defend our beliefs, families, and god!  Let us all be like Moroni, shall we?  

Have an excellent week everyone!!

Elder Jensen

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