Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another week...

Hola everyone!

This past week has been pretty good! Not too many things going on right now, but all the same it's very exciting.  We spend the morning studying and then head out at about 10:30 to 12:00 to teach and visit with people.  From 12 to 3 is the time we get to spend at our apartment.  We have lunch, study, relax, and study some more.  Then at 3 to 9:30 we head out and teach and visit with members.  At 9:30 we come home and plan for the next day!  Then after planning I get ready for bed and pass out on my bed.  Yep, days are really, really busy here!

Melissa and Robinson are a young couple we contacted a few months ago, so they aren't members.  We have been working alot with them and they are slowly progressing.  I used to think you'd find people, teach them, and baptize them quickly.  But I've learned that is rarely the case.  Usually, a  particular missionary is only there for part of the journey.  At the beginning, middle, or end of a person's conversion.  The process to help someone come unto Christ and be converted doesn't just happen in a couple weeks.  Usually it takes time and a complete change in oneself before they get baptized.  So, we'll see what happens in the future.  We are working with a few investigators who have really progressed over the last few months, so we'll see what becomes of this!  I really hoping they are ready and will continue to prepare for baptism.

My spanish is coming along pretty good!  Of course, it depends on my attitude and willingness to listen.  I can get the majority of the idea of what people are saying, but it still is very hard with some people.  The people here talk super, duper fast and use terrible language.  For example, "todo esta bien?" turns into "to ta bien?"  So, it is definitely a work in progress!  But the lord gives be so much strength to continue trying to learn spanish.  So with time, it'll come fully.  Compared to my first day I'm fluent, haha!

This past week I came across Moroni 7:41 in my scripture study.  Moroni asks what is it we should hope for?  An he answers we should have faith in Christ and his Atonement.  This is so true!!  The Atonement is the basis of everything we have in the life.  If we believe Christ is our savior and he can help us become perfect, then everything else should fall into place.  Church, Temples, life, scriptures, everything.  The basis of our testimony of God's plan should be based on Jesus Christ.  So if you need something to hope for, hope that Jesus Christ lives!

Elder Jensen

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