Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Things here in the Dominican Republic are going great!  I love being out here in the field and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!  I'm learning alot about the gospel, living on my own, and having a companion 24/7.  Life is really good and I'm really happy I got called to the Dominican Republic to serve a mission.  It is quite the adventure being here on a mission and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

This past week has been pretty good!  We are working really hard with a guy named David to help him prepare for his baptism in a couple weeks.  He loves studying the scriptures and really wants to progress and follow Christ!  He has a testimony of the Church and just needs to continue living the gospel standards to be baptized.   But he is really doing well!!  Friday night we took President and Hermana Douglas to a lesson with David to help us answer some questions.  It was such a good experience!  President and Hermana Douglas are awesome!  He answered some questions and shared his conversion story.  He converted at 21 and then served a mission at 22.  Since then, he's been serving alot in the church.

The rest of the week has been a regular week.  We didn't have any major meetings or anything too out of the routine.  We continued teaching people and right now we are in the process of doing alot of contacting trying to find more investigators and people who want to hear the gospel.  Tomorrow is Zone Conferences, so it should be really, really fun!  First Zone Conference for me!  But that's pretty much how my week went.

I've studied alot in 3 Nephi this week during Christ's visit to the Americas.  Those chapters are really good chapters!  I really like Chapter 15 when Christ explains about John 10:16 about the other sheep of his fold.  He said the Jews didn't understand what he meant, so Heavenly Father commanded Jesus not to expound.  But, the Nephites were more prepared and faithful to understand it more, so Jesus expanded their view of other sheep currently in other folds.  This made me think about our day and all of Christ's creations.  Our earth is kind of like Jeruaselm.  We don't understand that there are other worlds out there, and Christ had to come to our earth so we would believe him, and then we killed our own savior.  I believe the other worlds were more believing like the Nephites and therefore Christ could rely on their faith alone.  Pretty interesting, I thought.  Scriptures always have more inside of the pages then people think...

I know this church is true and Jesus Christ is our savior!  He loves each and everyone of us and is ready to carry us when we can't carry ourselves.  The gospel can truly bless peoples lives, and I love seeing it bless the lives of the people in the Dominican Republic!  Keep on doing the little things like reading your scriptures, praying morning and night, and attending church.  Because when you do the small stuff, the big stuff doesn't seem quite so big!  Thank you all for your love and prayers and I love you all so much!  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Jensen

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