Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New week...

Well hello again!!

Can't believe another week has already came and gone!  This past week was a very exciting week.  A hurricane, baptism, and transfers.  So I guess I'd better get started.

Since a lot of people were asking about the hurricane I guess I'll start with that one!  I'm doing great!  If that was a hurricane, I guess I was really blessed because it was just a lot of rain and some wind.  The storm didn't impact us from teaching and the baptism.  We just had loads of rain and quite a bit of wind at night!  But don't worry, I was fine and didn't have any problems.  Didn't even know there was going to be a hurricane until the day before it happened.  But anyways, no problems.

This past Saturday I had my first baptism I was able to be a part of.  It was our investigator David!  He was so excited and happy to finally get baptized!  I was just so happy seeing him get baptized and then confirmed the next day during church.  He has just a strong testimony of the church and loves studying his scriptures.  He is always calling and asking for scriptures and such.  He will be a very strong leader in the church.  But his baptism was really good!  Elder Teran and I spent Saturday morning cleaning up the font and the church to make is special for David.  Then, later that night, we were able have a wonderful baptism service with a very peaceful service.  It was a very good weekend and boosted up my spirits after all the rain!

Then today was transfers.  I am still in Gurabo, but I have a new companion.  Since Elder Teran finished his mission, I had to of course get a new companion.  My new companion is Elder Gomera.  His is a missionary from the Santo Dominigo in the Dominican Republic.  He seems really nice and speaks very little English, so I look forward to practicing my Spanish with him.  He has 7 members in his family and has been a member of the church his whole life!  He has 21 months in the mission, so he has 2 transfers left before he goes home.  It should be interesting to see what this transfer brings!  I look forward to getting a lot better on my Spanish and understanding people even better!

I know that this church is true and blesses people's lives.  I've been able to see the light of Christ enter people's lives as they turn towards him and follow his commandments.  The people in the DR are ready to listen and follow our Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm grateful for having the opportunity to serve the people here and come closer to my Father in Heaven.  Jesus Christ lives and is always willing to carry us and lead us along; we just need to ask!  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Well that about wraps up this week!  Que vaya con Dios!

Elder Jensen

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