Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly email...

Hola everyone!

This past week has been a really kind of a Ground Hog week too!  I've continued studying and teaching the gospel.  We do alot of contacting, and walking.  We have 6 or 7 really good investigators, so we are spending our time on them helping them progress towards baptism.  All the days this week were filled with the same things: teaching and studying.  On Monday, we did have a zone meeting where we received instruction from the Zone Leaders given to them by the President.  I guess President Douglas wants to focus alot on less actives and helping them come back to the fold.  What's the point of baptizing the whole world, if half of those people don't stay inside the church?  That really got me thinking.  We spend so much time as missionaries concentrating on baptisms and investigators.  We as missionaries and as members need to focus on the people who already know the truth, but have just got lost somewhere along the way.  We need to find the people in our wards and help them come back and begin receiving the blessings of the gospel again.  So we have been starting to work on that too in my area! 

We have a young family named Melissa and Robinson.  We had a Noche Hogar (FHE) with another young couple in the ward on Monday night.  It was a huge success!!!!!  The spirit was there and it really began breaking the ice with the other members in the ward!  Melissa is very talkative and has alot of questions about missionaries (us) and about family nights, and just about the gospel.  She has an excellent attitude and wants to follow Christ.  I have so much hope and faith for this young family!!!!

This week I've been studying the beginning chapters of Helaman.  I like what Mom said about the cycle of things throughout the Book of Mormon.  People are humble before Christ, turn prideful, and then fall into transgression.  It happens in real life today too!  People begin to miss church for a week, then skip scripture study, and then pretty soon forget the gospel.  Then when dark times hit home, they are miserable and hate life.  They still have strength to push on, but they must rely on their own strength.  However, if we always remember Christ we can rely on his strength when those dark days come.  (Helaman 5:12)  I testify that Jesus is the Christ and we can always rely on him to carry us when we can't carry ourselves.  The gospel of Jesus Christ truly can bless all people if they will heed to the promptings of the Spirit telling them to listen.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  I pray you will be blessed in your adventures.  En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Que vaya con Dios!

Elder Jensen

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