Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Everyone..


Another week has already gone by!!  This week was pretty interesting because my companion had to go and help organize transfers.  So that being said, we spent 9 hours on Saturday, 6 hours on Sunday, and 4 hours on Monday working on organizing transfers and such.  Anyways, I've had a very busy week without a whole lot of teaching and walking.  But I definitely had some teaching and walking put in.  We taught a couple named Melissa and Robinson.  They are really progressing and we taught about afflictions and hardships in life.  They enjoyed the lesson and I really felt the spirit there!  One of the best experiences so far with that family.  I just felt the spirit flow through me and the Spanish just came.

Let's see hear, not much else happened this week, so I'll try to answer some more questions for you guys.  My companion is district leader, there is 6 members in my district, 24-ish missionaries in my zone, and 10 zones in the mission.  We have 5 really progressing investigators, and my ward has about 120 active members.  My area is so big, we can't make it to everywhere.  I'm doing really well out in the field and the language is coming really good.  I can have some basic communication with the people, and understand more or less of what they are trying to say.  So hopefully with time it will come all the way.

Sounds like everything is going pretty good at home, everyone seems to be staying busy!!!  Next week things should be back to normal, so I should have more things to say!  Thanks for all you do family and keep living life!!  Just remember Alma 48:17; and strive to be like Captain Moroni1

Que vaya con Dios!

Elder Jensen

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