Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy November...

This past week was pretty normal without anything out of the ordinary.  Monday, I spent the day at the office catching up on some paperwork.  I also had to put minutes on everybody's phone for the next three weeks.  So with 125 cell phones, it took me a while.  Tuesday, I honestly can't really remember what I did.  I ran some errands with my companion and we took a fridge to an area on the outskirts of Santiago.  Wednesday was the Missionaries' P-Day, so I stayed at the office on an exchange while my companion did his errands.  Since missionaries always stop by on P-days, we always try to have someone there.  Plus, this week the doctors came to the office to give clinics to the missionaries because President Douglas was in Santo Domingo.  Lot's of "sick" missionaries and lots of in-grown toe nails last week.  Yep, missionary to love it!  Thursday and Friday were the weekly mail run days.  I even got a package this week!!  The best part is it arrived on Halloween too!  I was very content with what it contained.  And yesterday, was the "Day of Service" so we helped some members with random house chores.  It was really fun and a good way to spend P-day.  We also attended a baptismal service one of the missionaries were holding.  It was good to see a baptismal service again.  So, as you can see my week was pretty uneventful, but those weeks are good sometimes.

So throughout the week we continued visiting Omar and Carolina.  She seems more attentive, and focused this time around.  She's very excited for her baptism next Saturday and I'm excited for her as well!  She wants to get baptized so bad and make it to the temple to be sealed to her three children that died a few months ago.  My companion and I feel like she's really doing well and can definitely be baptized on Saturday.  It's been hard and it's taken alot of patience on our part, but it'll be totally worth it!  I'm looking forward to Saturday.

I've been reading a little bit this week in Mosiah.  I've read alot of King Benjamin's speech to his people.  It's interesting how the "General Conference" advice given then applies to alot of things today.  We've just had a General Conference and the talks and advice are now available to us in many different forms.  However, I think we can learn and gain knowledge on many of the conferences and broadcasts of church leaders.  Many times we focus on the here and now, but many times the then and was can teach us things we never would have thought.  I hope that as we concentrate on today's world and today's problems we can remember what the past can teach us and how we can learn from all ages of history.  I know that God lives.  He loves us.  I'm grateful for his plan and I know that families are forever.  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Have a great week everyone!!  Que vaya con Dios.

Elder Jensen

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