Monday, October 28, 2013

Onward, ever Onward...

Hola everyone!

I've been starting to get emails from a couple of friend who have finished the mission.  It's such a weird thought to read about them finishing and the first few days after the mission.  It seems like we all just started serving, but it's quickly passing and life is moving on.  Luckily for me, I still have 5 months to serve the Dominican people.  I think they are great people and I'm so happy I was called to this mission.

So another week has been put into the record books.  It seems like the weeks are starting to blur together, but all the same something interesting always happens.  So let's see...

Monday, was a travel day.  My companion needed to take some things to some missionaries in Naverrete and turn over a house back to its owner.  So, we spent a good portion of the day on the road traveling back and forth between missionaries' houses, and Santiago.  It was fun seeing some of the country side, but I've been there before, so it wasn't anything new.

Tuesday, President and Sister Douglas had missionary interviews at the office.  So that means tons of missionaries in the office which makes any desk work really hard to accomplish.  But, I did get to talk with some of my friends, so that was nice.  I did use President's Honda Pilot for a while because I need to fix a flat tire, and change the front tires too.  Let's just say I've never spent so much money on tires in my life, haha.  But, at least President Douglas shouldn't need new tires any time soon.  The Pilot is an interesting car; I feel like it's a command center or something.

Wednesday, was the P-day for regular missionaries so we try to be at the office to help missionaries who come in and need to talk to us or buy things from the store.  Plus, it was a good "catch-up" day on all the little busy work items we had to do like reports, and stuff.  At night though we taught Omar and Carolina.  She's really starting to progress and is learning so much!  We've set a goal to have her get baptized on November 9.  If she can keep praying, reading, and attending church I'm sure she'll get baptized.  The lesson was a great addition to a boring day. 

Thursday was mail day.  I spent pretty much the whole day driving around Santiago getting mail and doing errands for the AP's.  I ended up getting a package for the ward which was very cool!  They sent a bunch of trail mix and other goodies and some blank Christmas cards.  Not exactly sure what they are for, but it was a fun gift!

Friday, was a busy day.  All the mission leaders were in for a meeting and I was organizing mail.  And of course they all need something after the meeting.  It's funny how someone always wants something "now" when you're right in the middle of something else.  I think I finally understand Mom and Dad when they'd get upset when we'd bug them when they were working on something, haha.  Sorry Mom and Dad!  But, I got all the mail sent off, and nobody left angry so I thinks that's a good sign.

Saturday (today), has been a pretty chill day.  To tell you the truth I've actually been kind of lazy today.  We cleaned up the house and just chilled there until now.  Now, we're chilling in the office in the land of A/C.

So, that's been the week of Elder Jensen.  It's full of many adventures and lots of work.  I know this gospel is true and I love being a missionary!  Jesus Christ lives and he is our savior.  He knows us each personally and can walk with us when no one else can.  This is his church and we should all go forward sharing this wonderful gospel with others.  I hope we can all be examples of the believers and do some good!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Have an excellent week everyone!!  Que vaya bien.

Elder Jensen

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