Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hola everyone,

It sounds like after a few busy weeks things have finally slowed down for a couple days.  I think it's the calm before another big storm of school, football games, work, and a new season of the year.  Things seem to be changing lots, but I feel like I'm just in my "caribbean world."

So this past week was a very slow week for me as well.  Noelia continues to progress, but she's having pregnancy troubles.  So, that is putting a big rock block in the way on her progression.  She's been put on bed rest and can't attend church.  And to be baptized into the church, you kind of need to attend it, so we've pushed her date down the ward a little so it won't be so pressured to make it.

We've struggled alot trying to find people the teach during my time here in Hato Mayor.  The people just don't seem to want to progress.  Some people listen, but they can't seem to keep commitments and follow their path to Christ's gospel.  People have their agency to choose and act for themselves, but it's sad to see them choose in a way contrary to the will of our Heavenly Father!  As missionaries we are charged to preach the gospel.   We invite all people to follow Christ.  If the people don't want to, well, that's up to them.  I hope that people will starting and continuing listening to this wonderful message missionaries bring to the world.

The Hato Mayor ward is a great ward!  I've never seen a Ward Mission Leader work as hard as the one we've got.  He leaves with us, reports on the progress of investigators, and really tries to magnify his calling.  Our bishop is great person too, and wants to see this ward grow during his time as bishop.  The members are great, and alot are very strong members of the church.  Overall, I enjoy serving in this ward.  I hope we can all try to fulfill our callings and strive to help build our wards and the kingdom of god.

I'm doing well and love missionary work!  My training in the office is going good and I'll officially "take-over" in exactly two weeks.  I'm learning how to drive here and continuing to learn how everything works.  I'm excited to serve in this assignment and look forward to working in "colder weather" for a time, haha.  

I know this church is true and god lives!

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Jensen

P.S.  Next Wednesday the Mission a Special Zone Conference with The Area President, Elder Anderson.  So, I won't have my P-Day next Wednesday.  So, I'll email next Thursday.....entonces, esperamos el próximo jueves

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