Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hola Everyone,
Things seem to be growing great in Utah and the family seems to be doing great.  It's a little wierd to think that in a couple more weeks I'll have another brother-in-law.  Kind of a wierd thought, but hey, I'm excited for Shawn and Megan!  It seems like it's getting alot hotter in Utah, but my mind still thinks its cold, and snowy.  Things are heating up in the Dominican Republic as well and we're continuing to have alot of rain.  But, I did buy a new umbrella, so I'm ready to conquer the world (or Fantino that is).
So this past week has been a really, really slow week.  We've walked alot, taught a few lessons, met a few people, and walked alittle bit more.  We continue to teach our investigators and haven't really found anyone new this past week.  The sad news is the awesome couple (Alexandra and Paulo) we found isn't going to progress.  Why?  Well, Paulo is headed to live in Italy on Saturday and he isn't planning on coming back any time soon.  I was very sad, but he gave us his contact information so the missionaries can visit him over there, so all hope is not lost!!  Libby, is good but still no baptism date yet.  Dori is slowing progressing, but we're trying hard to work with her husband too!  Miguel is very interested in our message and wants to change, but he works Sundays in the morning, so that's been a little difficult.  But all in all, we have found some good people to teach and so we're working hard to help them come unto Christ and be baptized.
I've continued learning alot of things from reading the scriptures.  I recently studied the chapter on Faith in Alma 32.  It's such a good "Devotional" about how we can receive eternal life.  I love how he talked about that all things start with a seed and if we exercise faith and act on that seed, we'll eventually see it grow into the Tree of Eternal life.  However, like all seeds, it needs a good heart (soil), The living water (Water), Sunlight (God's love), and a good gardener to constantly care for it.  I know that if we continue to nurish our seeds of faith, and do all we can to help it grow; one day we'll find that is has grown into a giant tree that we give us eternal life.  It won't happen over night, but if we continue is patience, we'll see it grow into something good.  I know that faith is important and we all need faith is our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  I know this church is true and that god lives!  Missionary work is awesome and I love serving my Heavenly Father!
Have an excellent week everyone!!
Elder Jensen

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