Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Memorial Day...

Hola Everyone!

It sounds like things are going great back home!  Megan is getting ready for her marriage, Kimberly is working lots, Nicole is finishing up school, Holli is finishing up school too, and Mom and Dad are busy trying to keep track of us all running around in different directions.  I'm happy that things are going really well back at home!

So this past week has been no different from the last couple of weeks.  It seems like my family is just driving down the fast lane and I'm just trucking along doing my thing, haha.  We've continued contacting alot.  And I mean alot!  I couldn't even guess how many people we've met over the past few weeks and how my doors we've knocked.  I'm hoping that all our efforts are paying off and we'll find some new, progressing investigators soon!  We've met some really cool people, and they seem to have some interest to learn more; however, our biggest struggle is finding a good time when they're home to visit with us.  But, if they put forth the effort, I'm sure we'll see them progress!

We've found a new investigator named Dori.  We found her contacting and she said we could pass by her house some time.  So we did, and the surprising fact was: she was actually there!  We've starting teaching her, and she likes and believes what we are sharing.  We invited her to church and she attend too!  She told us she just loved church and wants to keep coming back!  She is really nice, and has a true desire to find God and follow our Savior.  She has a husband (not married) and 3 little kids.  We have alot of hope for her, and we're trying to focus alot on her husband too who is always working!  I'm excited to see what the lord has in store for Dori.  

So we've been spending alot of time as well preparing the "Open House" of the church.  We've planned how to do it, who will do what, and who we want to invite.  We've printed about 1000 invitations, and my companion, members, and I are all giving to who ever we find.  We are really hoping to have alot of people come and see what is inside that big, pretty, always closed building used by the Mormons.  Alot of people seem interested in coming, so we'll see what happens.  I really hope it'll be a big success!  Wish us luck!

Things continue to push forward in Fantino.  We may not being seeing alot of fruits from our labors right now, but I'm sure the harvest will be ready soon!  I love being a missionary and I'm grateful to serve my Heavenly Father as a full-time missionary!   Have a good week everyone and remember that we should never stop telling the world of this beautiful message!!

Elder Jensen

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