Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's raining...

Hola everyone!
So I'm sorry to everyone who is reading this letter, but it might be very, very short.  Reason one, this coming Sunday is mother's day.  And two, I'm writing this letter at the very end of P-Day because it's been raining all day!  However, I'll do my best to hurry and write how my week went.
First things first!  "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring."  Yep, it's been raining a ton!!  It has rained every single day this month and the weather people say it will continue raining all this month.  So, I was starting to think that the whole "Caribbean rain"  season was a big exaggeration.  But, now I'm a believer.  Seriously, I've never seen so much rain in my life.  I love it!!  It keeps things cool, and I enjoy getting wet every once in a while.  Especially because there's a mission saying that says, "Every time you get soaked, your wife is going to be that much better!"  So at this rate, my wife is going to be a saint!!  Yeah, I like that idea...
So, we've continued sharing with Libby about baptism and gospel topics.  We fasted with her last Saturday for an answer on baptism.  The cool thing is, is that she feels like she received her answer, but feels like the 25 of May is the day for her.  It's still a long way out, but we're happy that she chose her own baptism date.  We're praying that this will be her day, and she's make the commitment to follow Christ and be baptized.
So, my companion and I have continued spending alot of time contacting trying to find people to teach.  It's sad with all the wickedness in the world today.  So much immorality, drinking, violence, and dis-respect is happening today that the world needs this gospel.  My companion and I just want to shout, "You need this gospel, and you need to listen!"  However, the beauty of God's plan is that we all have our agency and can make our own decisions.  We cannot force people to listen and be converted to the gospel, but as missionaries we invite, teach, and encourage all the listen to this wonderful message.  I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life, and that I've accepted it in my heart.  This is a message the world is waiting to hear, and I don't think we need to wait until we have a name plaque on our chest to share the gospel.  I don't know who's waiting for me to open my mouth and share, but I know that there's always someone waiting for each and everyone of us to open our mouths and share the gospel!  So I hope we can all just open our mouths share!
Have an excellent week everyone and Happy Mother's Day!

Elder Jensen

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