Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hola Everyone!!

This past week has been awesome!! I LOVE General Conference!! I felt like several talks were just for me and that God's kingdom is really growing. We had a few investigators come and it really was a make it or break it moment. Luckily, it made it! (I'll explain more later)

So, a few of the conference talks I really enjoyed were Pres. Uchtdorf's Sunday Morning, Pres. Becks's in the Priesthood, of course Holland's talk, but I really liked Pres Monson's talk about Missionary work. All the talks were good, but these 4 really hit me. I really like how Pres. Uchtodorf talked about how the light will always follow the darkness, and if we invited Christ eventually all that will be left is light. I hope we can all invite more light into our lives and chase out the darkness of the world. In Pres. Beck's talk, I really enjoyed his story about the group of football players. And it got me wondering if I'm ministering to my family, friends, and ward members. Holland's talk was just amazing, like usual. I hope I can always be an example of the believers. And I really enjoyed Pres Monson's talk on missionary work and obedience. I hope I can apply the 4 ingredients of the formula and become an even better missionary! Overall, conference was great!

So yesterday, we had an excellent lesson with Livi! She attended Conference, and we felt that it would have sealed her desire to be baptized. So during the lesson, we asked how things were going and she said that she still had a doubt about Prophets, and such. So we talked about Conference and prophets and how she felt. It was awesome!! The spirit was so strong, and I know that she felt the spirit tell her she's ready for baptism. She also said, that Conference cleared her doubts about prophets and that she feels like baptism is the right way to go! I'm hoping to share Holland's talk with her and seeing that really confirm the truthfulness of the testimony she's gaining. I'm confident that she'll be baptized on the 20th of April. I hope she'll follow the feeling of her heart and take that leap of faith. She can be such a strong leader in the church!

This week is going great and I love being a missionary! Life's good and I'm enjoying of the fun experiences I'm having here in Fantino. Missionary work is so important, and I'm grateful for the chance to serve in the Royal Army of God! Please hearken unto the words of the living Prophets and I know you all with be blessed for doing the best you can! God lives, and he loves each and every one of us! Keep holding to the rod!
Love, Elder Jensen

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