Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hola everyone!

This past week has been a little slow in Fantino, but it sounds like things back home were a blast!! I'm super happy that Holli loved going to Prom and had an excellent time! It seems like life continues forward, and all of us are growing up.

The past 7 days were filled with teaching, walking, and sleeping. We've starting working really hard with the branch leaders to try and create some excitement for missionary work. We've started doing exchanges again, visiting the members everyday, and attending alot of meetings with them. Things seem to be picking up, and the members are slowing waking up again. We've even received a couple of referrals this past week too!

On Sunday, we had 3 new people come to church that we'd never met before. They were referrals from a member of the Branch Presidency. One was a couple in there late 40's and the other was a 24 year old young man. They seemed to enjoy it alot and want to continue attending. We stopped by their houses yesterday and shared a first message with them. The couple seems very timid right now, but they want to continue learning. So I'm very excited! We then stopped by the 24 year old guy. He's very smart and reminds me alot of David from Gurabo. He picks up on things very early, and has alot of intellegent, profound questions. I'm looking forward to seeing all 3 of them progress in the gospel lessons.

Our other investigators are continuing to progress and gain testimonies. The biggest struggle we seem to be facing right now is getting people to church. Especially on time!! It seems like Mormon Standard Time has taken on a whole new meaning!! However, at least they make it to church, so that's the most important part. I think we can learn as members, that we set the example to the investigators of the church. If we don't attend all our meetings, and especially show up on time; we can't expect our children and investigators to do like wise!!

My companion and I are doing great too! Elder Mendoza is a really fun person and an excellent missionary! He's obedient, has a love for the work, and is a great person! I'm grateful for my time here in Fantino with him as my companion. We've gone without water, power, money, and clean clothes together; and he sure makes things a blast. I'm learning alot in Fantino about how hard people have it is come places in the world. I'm so grateful that I have water that I can drink from the tap, AC, power 24/7, and the knowledge that all is well! I'm grateful for this opportunity to learn gratitude!

I love missionary work and I'm grateful for this chance to serve my Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. The master is hastening his work, and we can see a difference here in the Dominican Republic. I love this opportunity to learn and grow as I serve the lord in his vineyard. I know this work is real. God lives, and he is our loving father-in-heaven. We truly have the potential to become like him. And I LOVE sharing the message of happiness! En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Have an Excellent week everyone!!

Love, Elder Jensen

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