Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This week...

Hola everyone!
Another week in Gurabo has gone by and not alot of things to talk about this week. I feel kind of like you guys at times where not alot of things have happened. I've been teaching the same investigators (With some baptisms hopefully on the horizon), attending missionary meetings, and sleeping.
Offically next week Gurabo with be the newest branch in the Dominican Republic. It will take alot of work to get things started, but hopefully all the less-actives and investigators who can't afford to get to church will be able to start attending and strengthen the branch. We've started teaching a older woman, who all of her kids are LDS. She visited Utah last month and thought it was really cool. She showed us alot of Pamphlets about Temple Square. The church has really increased it's tourism stuff there! I felt like I was looking at the church version of a Disneyland map! But anyways, she said she's Catholic and doesn't want to change right away. But he kids told her, "Look, you can either get baptized in this life, or we'll baptize you in the next. So choose!" So she decided she might as well have the blessings in this life rather then miss the opportunity. I thought it was really funny that her kids kind of black mailed her into listening to us! Pretty funny story, so we'll wee what happens.
Life continues to drive forward. Days, and then weeks just kind of blur together and the next thing I know I'm here or there again. I don't feel like a huge difference is happening in my Spanish. But, many people comment on my improvement and complement me on how quickly I'm picking it up. Most American missionaries say that you never feel your Spanish is as good as it really is! I do feel that it is coming along and one day I'll speak it, haha.
My knowledge of the gospel and my testimony is really increasing. Reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and studying to teach my investigators really helps alot. I've been reading alot of different material and I came across a quote in the BOM study manual from Elder Holland about theories about how the Brother of Jared saw Christ. He said several different ideas, but all of them dealt with the outstanding faith that the Brother of Jared had. He had no doubt Christ is in all things and that he could touch the stones and give them light. In Ether 12:6, we learn more about how we can come to have that perfect faith. At times in life where we don't seem to be going forward and trials are pushing us sideways, maybe we need to just put faith in Christ and wonder why he wanted us to see the rest stop, or gas station off the freeway of life! I testify that in those minutes of trial is when we fill up the most of faith and testimony that Christ and our Heavenly Father are actively engaged to keep us driving on the freeway back to his presence. Don't ever forget that with Christ on our side, all things can happen. Even rocks that can give light. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Jensen

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