Monday, October 22, 2012

Merry Christmas...

Hola Everyone!

Merry Christmas from Gurabo!  Oh wait, its October!  The people in this country don't have Thanksgiving, nor Halloween so they are all getting decked out in Christmas already.  Investigators' houses, businesses, banks, posters, etc all are starting to be decked out in trees, lights, and the like!  I really like Christmas and all, but not until after Thanksgiving!  Haha, oh well I'll just go with it I guess!

This past week has been pretty slow!  On Monday we had a Zone Meeting and talked about some changes in the mission.  (Not quite as drastic as Matt's mission)  We are always suppose to have a BOM in our hands, and maintain the "Mission Language."  This means always "Elder" or "Hermano" not "Jensen" or "Rodriguez."  Also, we now have some different goals with member lessons, and the fellowshipping we want to happen in the wards we serve!  So, yeah just minor changes.  The biggest change this week is that Gurabo will now become a branch and split off of Los Jardines.  The reason is because Gurabo is a 10 minute drive from Los Jardines, and many members can't afford to make it Sundays.  The Stake President said each member will have to work very hard because technically this branch doesn't not meet the necessary requirements to be a branch.  So needless to say, the missionaries will be working very hard help this little branch get started.  It ought to be interesting to see what happens.

This week Bienvenido and his family are doing great!  He is determined to get baptized, and has a very, very strong desire to do so!  We are now working with him to save money so him and his wife can legally get married.  He keeps saying, "I'm going to get married, so I can get baptized!  I'm ready to be baptized!"  I'm so happy for this family!  I love them so much and hope we can make it happen these next few weeks!  This family is really cool and I'm glad I've been blessed to share the gospel with them!

Things continue moving forward and the work in the Dominican Republic is progressing!  I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father in helping him brings souls to Christ.  I look forward to the future of working along side more young men and young woman.  Its weird how missions are all about service, yet I think the lord serves us more!  I've learned so many things on my mission, and I couldn't progress without my Savior's help!  The mission is truly changing my outlook on things and leaving a impact on my soul!  Thanks for all you prayers and support!  Que vaya con Dios!

Elder Jensen

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