Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello Everyone!

Transfers today!  No need to worry; I'm still with Elder Gomera in Gurabo!  I feel like I might spend my whole mission in Gurabo, haha!  But anyways, I'm excited because we have several baptisms planned over the next 6 weeks!  This transfer is full of excitement since several people in my district are going home and we have new members now.  I'm currently the only English speaker in my district, so I'll get alot more practice with my Spanish.  Things are going well for me here in the DR!

Big news announced last weekend!!!  Can you believe that young woman can now serve at age 19??  President and Sister Douglas said they don't know what is more shocking, 19 year old young women or 18 year old boys.  That is a weird thought to think of; 18 year old missionaries contacting the world.  I feel like this is definitely bigger then just giving more people the opportunity to serve.  Yes, more people now have to chance, but I believe this means that the church needs thousands of more missionaries in the coming months.  The work is moving forward rapidly, now we just need to missionaries to keep up with the growth.  And this is a solution from the Lord for building his Kingdom up faster.  I look forward to seeing more sister missionaries serving because they bring a personality to the mission that no young man can bring!  It should be exciting!

Conference weekend was super fun!  The English speaking missionaries met at the Stake Center to watch the sessions in English!  I don't think a Conference has impacted me as much as this conference did!  My favorite talk was given by President Uchtdorf during the first session.  I really liked how he spoke about happiness and enjoying the journey, not the end.  Alot of people look forward to a point in the future and say in that moment they will truly be happy.  But when the point becomes reality, they aren't happy and feel kind of empty.  Looking at this, we as missionaries kind of do the same thing.  When P-day, Zone Conference, Food, Rain, Transfers, Baptisms, Meetings, Sleep, or whatever it might be comes, we say to ourselves, "This is when I will be really happy and love it!"  However, these moments come and go, and guess what?  We don't feel that happiness we thought we would.  So just a President Uchtdorf said, we need to find the happiness in the journey and in the small little things that happen everyday.  We can find happiness in smiles of investigators, commits kept, feelings of the spirit, visits with members, free food, sleep, revelation, or whatever it might be!  All around us we have the opportunity to be happy, we just need to stop and look for it!  I challenge you to look back each day and ponder on what made you happy!  Set back and enjoy the ride rather then always look toward the finish line!  I know that as you do this, you will be happier and see the beauty of God's hands in our lives!  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Jensen

P.S.  Elder Sweeney is in the Picture.  He goes home tomorrow and was a very good friend in the mission.

 Hey sorry I couldn't figure out how to turn the bowling picture. -Kimberly

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