Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another week in the DR...

Hello Family!!!

So it sounds like Nicole and Gary had quite a bit of rain.  Let me tell how the rain went here in the DR.  So it started raining randomly one afternoon.  And rained and then poured.  Elder Teran and I had to make it back to our apartment because we left our windows open.  We walked through rivers instead of streets because the streets had about 3 to 4 inches of water on them.  Right in front of our apartment was a huge lake that went up to my knees!!!  Once we swam to our door, we went inside and found my bed, and puddles of water all over the floor.  So, we spent the next 2 hours cleaning up.  That my my tropical rainstorm story.  Pretty interesting.

So with mailing stuff, I found out a few different things that will help.  Like I said last week, sending letters to the florida PO box address is the best way for letters!  When you send packages, send them to the Mission with DHL or FedEx because if you do it through the postal mail system, the people will look through it when it gets here, and I might not end up getting it.  But make sure to keep the tracking number!  Also, the mission is moving offices, so if it'll be more then 2 or 3 weeks before you send it, please let me know!

So not much really happened this week, just the same old routine.  President Lee finishes on Friday and President Douglas arrives.  I really am excited to meet the new President, but I wish I could of had a little more time to serve with President Lee.  This week I'm trying to send alot of pictures, so thats why it's so short!  Enjoy!!

Love, Elder Jensen 

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