Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm the real deal now...

Hello Family!!!

Well it's a fact!  I'm a real deal missionary.  I traveled to the mission home early Tuesday morning and spent the day there!  My President is really, really nice and caring so I'm kinda bummed that he only has one more month!  I went on the split yesterday to what is now my area with a missionary who was there.  The area is called "Gurrabo" in the the Santiago city.  The mission home is actually in my area! My companion's name is Elder Taron and he is from Arizona.  He actually was one of the APs for the
last four months, so I've been following him around all day as he finishes up his duties.  He is really cool, and I've heard only amazing things about him.  I haven't been my house yet, nor been out in the field so next week should be full of adventures!  I'm really excited to get started and begin my field work.  It's going one amazing adventure out here in the field. The little I've seen in my area so far, it seems like a very rich neighborhood.  A lot of big houses and nice buildings.  The church house is right behind a casino, haha.  I thought that was pretty funny!  My area is a big area so I'll have plenty of walking to do!  Yesterday, I walk probably 5+ miles in a little less then 3 hours.  I'm gonna have legs the size of my head, haha!!!(:  I don't have a ton of time, but I'll definitely have a lot to share next week after I've been in the field and had alot of new adventures!  Let me know of questions you have!  Oh! I also decided I don't know Spanish, haha!  It seems like a different language in the field!

Elder Jensen

P.S. my new P-Day is Wednesday's for the rest of my mission.  So just so you know!

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