Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Week...

Hola everyone!

Sounds like the wedding went really well!!  I'm glad I was able to be there and be carried along, haha!  I hope Nicole and Gary are happy and that they are really enjoying Disney World!  She is the closed she'll be to me for 2 years!  Anyways, doesn't seem like much is going on at home right now.  But things are bound to change.  Sorry if my grammar and stuff isn't the best, but the keyboards here are different then US keyboards and everything is in Spanish, so....sorry.

Anyways, things here are going really good!!  I have a really good zone and awesome Elders in my district.  I work in an area called "Gurabo A" which is really big!  I've attached some pictures of my apartment as well as my view of the area from my house.  I'll definitely send more pictures as time goes on.  These first few weeks have just kind of been a big blur...Anyways, I attend a ward with the chapel right behind a casino.  It's funny when we give people directions and say "you know the casino grande?" they reply "Your church is in the casino?"  Haha, we reply back "no, its right next door."  I will say its pretty easy to give directions though.  I'm used to big wards with 300+ people and here in the DR we're lucky to get maybe 125+.  But the saints here are really strong and dedicated to their callings.  I continue to walk, and walk, and walk.  Then after a little more walking we make rest and walk some more.  I'm really getting to be a good walker, when I get home we can walk all day and I won't break a sweat, haha.  So maybe its time to tell you how I travel around my area and to different places.  We take what we call a ruta, which is kind of like a taxi route.  The cars are little honda civic like cars and all beat up the majority of the time.  We pay 20 pesos and get in.  We just ride along the route until its time to get off.  Did I mention that they fit up to 7 in the car?  That's the best part about it.  Driving down the road with 7 people in this little beater car:) I really am liking all these new experiences I'm having here in the DR.

I continue to eat rice, and chicken.  We tend to switch it up and have pasta sometimes.  I'm losing weight because of the sweating, walking, and just because I don't snack as much.  So that's good I guess!  We get money every 2 weeks for everyday expenses, but we definitely don't live a life a steak and luxury.  I had to use a little money to buy some personal items that wouldn't    count under my "apoyo" money.  I might buy a cookie sheet so I can make cookies throughout my mission, but after that I should buy a whole lot with it.  So I'll let you know if I do.

Running out of time, so just some things I want to address:  

First, mailing stuff to me.  The best way to LETTERS is through the FLORIDA address.  For PACKAGES send it directly to MISSION.  You pay more on your end, but I don't pay anything on my end.  But make sure to have a tracking number in case it gets lost...
Lastly, I want to start of Book of Mormon challenge within the family.  Read the entire Book of Mormon from the cover to Moroni 10, so the whole entire thing.  We'll all start this Sunday (June 24) and finish by April 4, 2013.  Each week we'll share what we learned and grow together as a family in the Book of Mormon.  Seems like a long period to read it, but be warned it'll come fast!!!  Will you all agree to do it?? Including Holli?  I look forward to hearing your response next week.

I love you all and thanks for everything you do!!  Keep up the good work!  THANKS FOR ALL YOU LOVE AND PRAYERS!  IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!

Elder Jensen

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