Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 2...

Received another letter from Russell. He is doing great and having a fantastic time. ~Kimberly

Hola Everyone,
This week has been really good! I've been learning a lot more Spanish and learning the gospel. It is really fun to learn because I have an amazing teacher named Hermano Wells. He really knows how to teach the gospel. An average day, Monday through Saturday, consists of 6 hours of classroom time, 1 1/2 hours of meal time, 3 hours of study time, and an hour of gym time. Almost every minute of the day is scheduled for me. The schedule is altered everyday to switch up the order of things we do. Sunday is filled with church and study time. The food is pretty good, but it does some weird stuff to your insides.
This past Sunday President Boyd K. Packer came and spoke to us. He talked about Christ and the Atonement.
Elder Nelson and I are continuing to teach Jeremias. He is starting to develop faith and believe in Christ. He is confused about the Atonement and why Christ had to sacrifice himself for our sins. We hope to address this question next lesson. I am able to understand him more and use less hand gestures and more Espanol words.

Love, Elder Jensen

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