Saturday, April 28, 2012

First day in DR...

Hello Everyone!
   They are letting the missionaries of the MTC in the DR write a quick
email home.   I'll tell you what....I'm not in Kansas anymore.  We got into
the Airport in Santo Dominigo and I was completely lost.  I had customs and
immigration to go through and I couldn't understand a word people were
saying.  Then we got into this car with this guy named Antonio and I was
terrified for my life.  I mean first, he was a complete stranger.  Second,
he didn't speak English, and third, I was expecting a nice church van, not
a beat up mini van.  Lucky after we left things got better on the road.  He
asked about our missions and where we are going to serve.  He also is a
huge New York Yankee fan.  I guess Baseball is pretty huge down here!  I'm
glad we don't drive in my mission because I would be terrified to get
behind a wheel.  The drivers here are crazy.  No seat belts, speed limits,
or any type of rules it seems.
   Once we finally made it the CCM we were greeted by the President and the
other leaders of the CCM.  They gave us a quick meal and sent us off to
bed.  By the time bed rolled around, it was 12:00 AM here in the DR.  The
building is really nice and its nice to be on church property again.  There
are only 15 missionaries here right now and it fits up to 48.  There are
five Haitians and 10 of us from Provo.
   The people here are really nice and energetic!  I can't understand a word
of anything, but I am already seeing why people love it here!!!  All is
well and I made it safely.  I've got to go, so I'll email you on Thursday!!
Que vaya con Dios!
Elder Jensen

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