Sunday, April 8, 2012

First days...

Below is a shortened version of an email we recieved from Russell on April 7, 2012. He writes that he is doing well, learning a lot, and having a great time! His teacher at the MTC usually only speaks Spanish to the missionaries, so he is having to pay attention to everything he says. He can't wait to learn more. -~Kimberly

Hello Everyone!!
  The first few days here at the MTC have been amazing. The first day went by really quick. My companion's name is Elder Nelson. He is from an island in the Carribean called Barbados. On Friday, we taught are first investigator. His name is Jeremias. He is a student at UVU. He is very kind and open to the gospel. TEACHING IS SO COOL! I can't wait to teach him again Monday!

Elder Jensen

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