Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Wednesday...

Hola Everyone!

So this past week has flown by!!  It seems like I just was sitting here writing last week's email.  Life as a missionary is pretty different.  Time seems to do weird things to you brain.  The days go by pretty long, but the weeks seem to just fly by!

So this past week, we've just worked really hard with building stronger relationships with the branch members.  It's hard to help investigators feel welcome, and important when the members don't know, don't care, and don't help our investigators know that this is the true church.  That being said, we've visited with many members this past week telling them about our investigators, who they can share the gospel with, and different activities we can do to help the missionary work.  Also, we've talked alot with the branch leaders and have talked about how we can help in-actives, and part member families become stronger and have a desire to follow Christ.  I've learned alot about the importance of members in the mission, and I encourage everyone to talk with the missionaries and learn how you can help the investigators, and missionary work progress in your wards.  Without members helping us, missionary work is really, really, really, hard.  So please don't be afraid to help!

So Ruben is really progressing really well.  I feel like we don't even teach him.  He seems to be teaching us.  We ask him about the Sabbath day, Law of Chasity, and Baptism, etc. and he says, "Well, I think it's this..." or "I believe we should do this..."  It's so much fun!!  I love teaching people who have the hunger and desire to learn to the point that they learn it themselves.  It's so much easier to help them build a testimony and become converted unto Christ when they want to do so!  He has a baptism date for the end of the month, which he should make it if he keeps coming to church.  Only problem would be his boss, so needs him to work on Sunday sometimes, but Ruben has told him he won't keep doing it.  So I'm glad he's standing up for what he believes is right!

I hope that the challenge I gave everyone in the beginning of July is going good!  You all have about 2 months to finish the Book of Mormon.  I hope this has helped your testimonies grow, and you've found a greater joy in the word of God!  I know that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of our savior, Jesus Christ.  He lived, died, and rose again for us!  He lives and I know he is our Savior, Lord, and King.  Please keep reading the Book of Mormon and I know that each page will strengthen your foundation in Christ a little bit more.  The church is true, and I know that I'm helping others come unto Christ through his gospel.  Yeah, missionary work is totally worth it!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Have a good week everyone!!

Elder Jensen

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