Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays...

Hola Everyone!!

It was SO GOOD to talk with the family yesterday!!  I had so much fun and was super happy the whole entire day!  It seemed for a minute that we didn´t know what to say, but just seeing my family through skype and hearing their voice was the best!  I´m glad to know my family is happy and that everything seems to be going great!  I LOVE MY FAMILY; THEY ARE AWESOME!!

So as my family knows my companion had to return to Peru due to health issues.  I was going to be in a trio with the Zone Leaders until transfer day, but one of the new missionaries from Mexico is coming early.  So he´ll be staying with me for a few days and I´ll be helping him until he is transferred to his trainer.  I´m a little anxious, but I´m looking forward to the opportunity!

Things are going really good and I´m excited for the New Year!  This is a time where we can start a new plan, goal, or an opportunity to improve and become more like Christ!  Alot of time, we soon forget of our desire to do better and fall back into old habits and routines.  I hope this year we can all do a little better to do our part to become a better person and let Heavenly Father do the rest.  As long a we give him everything we have, we have his promise that he´ll do the rest and help us become the person we are capable of becoming.  I encourage us to make goals and then have the strength, faith, and desire to put our trust in the Lord and strive to make a change for good!  I know God will help us and through his son´s Atonement we can all stand perfect one day!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Elder Jensen

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