Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas...

Hola everyone!

This past week has been quite interesting.  We had Zone Conferences, activities, flash mobs, you name it.  It was a very busy week with lots of stuff going on, but relatively slow with our investigators.  Weird how that happens...

So last friday we had a special Christmas Zone Conference.  One word: yummy!!  Yep, we had a really good dinner.  Sister Douglas made turkey, stuffing, rice, pumpkin dessert, rolls, and some other yummy food.  I was very happy and content after the meal, but we even did more stuff!  We had a same devotional on testimonies by President Douglas followed by a very long testimony meeting.  I felt like every missionary thought they needed to bear their testimony, but it was good they had the chance.  After the testimony meeting we practiced for a flash mob we did on Saturday (more on that in a minute).  Then we finished off a wonderful day with a Christmas Program with singing, and reading the Christmas Story.  Yep, Friday night was a really good day.

So Saturday!  We had a interesting morning, but a really interesting evening.  So there's this huge mall in Santiago with a Movie Theater, 3 floors, stores, food court, all around big.  Sister Douglas had the idea of doing a flash mob with the missionaries singing Christmas songs.  So that's exactly what we did.  Saturday night as 6 we all busted down and broke into song and dance.  We, the missionaries, sang Joy to the Word, In Judea, Silent Night, and Feliz Navidad!  We had a really good time and the people seemed to enjoy the little moment of caroling with 70 mormon missionaries scattered throughout this mall.  Sister Douglas had some people record, so hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have a link you can use to watch it.  It may not look very well done, but we had a fun time doing it and helped bring alittle Christmas Cheer in people's lives.

So with Christmas just around the corner, many people start thinking about presents, movies, money, food, and family.  However, what about that little baby born in a manger?  In Lucas is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas Story.  The Sheperds in the fields are just minding their own business when an angel suddenly appears.  They were scared, really scared.  Honestly, if an angel appeared to me, I think I would too!  But then this angel shared one of the biggest moments in earth's history. Christ, our savior is born.  Then even better, a choir of angels appeared and sand to these sheperds.  Picture MoTab singing to you personally, but on heavenly steroids.  Yep, kinda a big deal.  So anyways, after all the heavenly music went away, the sheperds said to each other.  "Come, let us go done to Bethlahem."  You notice they didn't say, "We'll go in the morning."  "Let me sleep first."  "I'm hungry, can we eat first"  "Oh Christ is born? That's nice"  No these sheperds left immediately to find the little baby Jesus to respect and worship our Savior.  It made me wonder, do we immediatley leave and find Christ when we hear the good news?  Or do we sleep, eat, watch that movie, send that text, post that status, or watch that game before we go and hearken the call?  I testify that we all have heard that call!  We as members of the true church have heard that heavenly chorus sing, and now we must leave and find our Savior.  At times it may not be easy, and we might struggle, but we can all find him!  No task is impossible to pass when we are in the way toward our Savior.  I hope we can all remember the reason Christmas a little bit better this year.  It's of time of Love, Family, and our Lord.  I beckon the call to each of you.  "Come let us go and find this savior, Christ the Lord!"

Merry Christmas!!

Elder Jensen

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