Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hello Everyone!

First off to answer some questions about the mission, and how the new branch in Gurabo is doing.  My companion Elder Gomera is finishing his mission in 2 weeks, so I will be getting a new companion and staying in Gurabo until at least the beginning of the year.  He is a really good companion and I've learned so much from him.  The branch is officially in its second week as a branch of the church.  They are still finishing a small local place to meet in, so we are still meeting in the chapel of Los Jardines.  This branch has about 98 members, with about 30 active.  Just enough, that the missionaries don't have to teach, or participate heavily in the running of the branch.  I believe that within 3 years this branch will be one of the strongest wards in Santiago.  The leaders of the ward have a strong desire to work and help us missionaries to build up the kingdom of god in this small little section of Santiago.  Oh, I'm so excited to help this branch.  We had a meeting last night with the leaders of the branch and came up with some really bold goals, and plans to strengthen and build this branch.  I love missionary work!!

This past week has just rolled into another week from last week.  I honestly felt like yesterday was last P-day.  Josphina is continuing her streak of not smoking and is really helping us out missionary efforts.  We've received over 5 referrals from her in the last week alone.  Our investigators are continuing to progress, but it seems that whenever we take a few steps forward, Satan is there pushing them back.  Failed citas, unkempt commitments, an nonacceptance of not changing, etc. is really keeping our investigators from progressing more.  But, if they are unable to have faith and prevail against these trials, they will not most likely be able to prevail against harder ones in the future.  As we continue to have faith against the storms of life, God will give us the strength to continue to prevail against the bigger storms that come our way.  However without faith, we can't calm the stormy sea, or walk on the water.  Faith in our Heavenly Father's plan and the knowledge of his son's atonement is the fuel that can power our testimonies through the most trying of circumstances.  We just need to take a step back and realize God has his hands in our lives.  Tenga Fe!

Have a good week everyone and thank you for all the support and prayers!

Elder Jensen

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