Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another week...

Hello Family and Friends!

This past week has been a very interesting week indeed!  We got invited over and had a wonder Thanksgiving feast, a new companion, and a week of really hot weather!

So last Thursday for Thanksgiving, my companion, the Zone Leaders, and I went over to a guy named Lazurus for Dinner!  I can sum it up in about a sentence.  A home-made thanksgiving dinner away from home!  We had yummy turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rice, chocolate cake, icecream, juice, greens beans, and stuff.  Need less to say, I ate probably more last Thursday then I've eaten in one meal my whole entire mission.  It's no wonder the Americans can only eat like that one day a year.  I'll send pictures next week because I don't have a ton of time today!  But it was a very enjoyable experience.  Not like being at home, but pretty home like for being on the mission.

We are continuing our efforts with our investigators.  This past week has been kind of difficult to make any progression because I'm showing my companion the area, appointments fail, and different circumstances haven't allowed us to visit alot of them, but hopefully this week.  Sister Douglas said they are hoping to have a very white Christmas this year.  We really can't have snow here, but a dreamy white Christmas with all the investigators and missionaries dressed in white on 22 of December for baptisms.  As of now, my companion and I have 2 baptisms planned this day, but we definitely hope to have alot more this coming week!  I guess we'll see what Heavenly Father has in plan for our investigators.

They finally started to remodel the building we will meet in for the Gurabo Branch.  The new rumor is in the middle of January is the earliest we can start meeting there.  I don't think that the Branch will really start thriving until after the move.  It's just too hard travel for the members, but the Presidency is doing their best.  Funny story, President Rodriguez is coming to Salt Lake to see his sister's wedding on December 16.  Maybe you'll run into him, haha!

This week is going along and next week is about ready to get started.  Things continue to progress forward and I find that in one way or another the Lord always provides.  I'm starting to learn the blessings of more fervent prayer and how just little prayers of thanks in our hearts can make all the difference!  Prayer is direct communication with our Heavenly Father.  He never will hang up or get tired of our pleas for strength or help.  He wants us to turn to him and pour our hearts to him.  I know that God hears every prayer of his children.  He is ready to listen, so don't be afraid to tell him everything!  From, a quick "thank you" prayer to a "all the energy of soul" prayer, Heavenly Father is always attentive and has advice for our situations!  I challenge each of you to pray a little more often and have a conversation with him, not a quick written letter!  I promise that you will be happier and see Heavenly Father's hands in more in the small things and big things of life.  I'm so grateful I can pray to my God for every aid, question, and "venting" situation.  I know he is there to listen, so just speak!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Elder Jensen

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