Friday, September 7, 2012


Hola Everyone!

Another week has gone by here in Gurabo!  It has been a very different week having a new companion and all.  I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have Elder Gomera as a companion.  He is very patient, and has alot of experience in the mission.  My spanish has improved a ton over the past week since I'm forced to speak spanish 24/7.  It's been really good practice for me!!  Chances are I will have him as my companion for 2 transfers because he finishes up his mission in November.  I'm really learning alot from all these experienced missionaries that come my way.

This past week was a very interesting week.  We spent alot of time walking around so I could show Elder Gomera the area and introduce him to all the investigators in Gurabo.  Everyone would always ask "Where's the other guy? Yeah, the other guy, not him."  And I'd have to say that he finished and left the mission for Arizona.  But it seems that Elder Gomera is getting to know the area and our investigators too.  Hopefully this week we will have less walking and more teaching.

This week we found a really good new investigator of the church.  His name is Raffi and he is 19 years old.  He had an accident in soccer, so he has a cast on his leg for 2 months!!  We found him near another investigator and he told us he was interested to know more about God.  So we have begun teaching him.  He has alot of excitement to learn and is very intelligent.  One time we were 15 minutes late and he said, "Ah, you said 3pm not 3:15, you're late."  I thought that was pretty cool that he remembers exactly when we have a visit with him.  I really hope he progresses towards baptism!!  Good news as well!  David, the new convert, received a calling in the ward.  He's going to be a Sunday school teacher.  And he is being ordained to the Priesthood.  I was really happy to hear this!!  We take him with us on visits and he really enjoys teaching a testifying.  He really has a very strong testimony of the gospel in his life!  MAKES ME SUPER HAPPY TO SEE HIM HAVE A DESIRE TO SHARE!!!!!

I've been reading alot in the Book of Ether, and I agree with dad.  Moroni's comments on faith in Chapter 12 are amazing.  He really expounds faith and builds on the foundation we need to have in order to endure to the end and become perfected in Christ.  In Ether 12:6 he says we need to act to build are faith in order to receive a testimony.  So many people think that a testimony comes right out of the blue, but one needs to act in order to create that testimony.  The material is there; one just needs to ACT and create a master piece.  So many people tell me they have faith in Christ, but they aren't willing to work and create a testimony built on his teachings.  Christ showed us the way and I know that this Church is the Church of Jesus Christ.  We all need to act on our faith and do what he has commanded.

 "He lives all glory to his name...What joy this sentence gives: for I KNOW that my redeemer lives!!"

Elder Jensen

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