Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hola mi familia!

Espero que todo esta bien y ustedes están felices in la vida y en el evangelio.  Esta ultima semana fue una semana muy tranquilo sin mucho experiencias nuevas.  Pero, todo de nosotros vamos tenerla ocasionalmente.

But anyways, this week was indeed really slow.  Compared to the past couple of really stressful weeks, this week didn't really seem to full of anything really exciting.  We've been sorting out our investigators and trying to find new people to teach.  It's been quite difficult finding people to teach lately.  The problem with Fantino is that all the men pretty much work or aren't home in the afternoon, so all of our contacting is running into single women at home.   And because elders can't enter the homes without an man present, it makes contacting and the hours of 3-6 pm very, very difficult.  We've been trying to get referrals from members, but they don't seem to have a ton of excitement to work right now.  So my companion and I have changed our tactics to try and build up the strong members, and create a desire to do missionary work, and then we'll try and find more people to teach.  Just like Moroni in the Book of Mormon, we've got to strengthen the inside before we can find the outside.

We continue to make progress with our investigator named Livi.  She's really progressing and wants to continue learning more.  She feels she still doesn't have a strong testimony, but feels that its coming.  She currently has a baptismal date for the middle of April, so hopefully things will keep moving forward.  However, I feel she doesn't have a ton of fellowshipping from members, so we're trying to build that these past couple of weeks.  I feel like we're improving.  But, only time can tell.

Bladimir and Bilari are doing well and continue to progress.  We're working with the Branch President to set up a plan to get them to the temple in a year to be sealed for time and all eternity, so hopefully we can get it in motion quickly.

Sometimes in life we might feel like not much is really happening.  We may feel that our efforts are in vain, or that we really aren't making a difference in school, work, relationships, or life.  However, I testify that we always are making a difference.  Every second is a decision to follow our savior, Jesus Christ, or slip up and take a moment backwards.  When time seems to stand still, do we use the free moments to improve ourselves?  Or do we waste them on something that isn't going to make a difference.  In the moments of our lives where time seems to stand still, I hope we can use the little moments that God has given us to improve and progress forward; and not waste them into a worthless memory.  I know that as we take the small moments to improve, God will create in us a masterpiece!  God is our Heavenly Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ, lives!  With them on our team, we will always come out victorious!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Elder Jensen

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