Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday...

Hola everyone!

This past week has been a really good week for my companion and I.  We're working hard in the area and starting to find some new investigators out of the wood work, so it seems like we're moving forward again!

This week we met with a referral named Ruben.  He goes by Ruddy, so if I say one or the other it's the same guy.  But anyways, he met this lady in the branch who is a really strong member.  Well they turned into "really good" friends and he became very interested in her beliefs and style of life.  She started explaining our beliefs and a little bit about our religion.  He became more interested and wanted to learn more about our church.  So as Elder Nelson has said, "Ask the missionaries."  So that's exactly what went down!  He is always working and lives super far way, but we finally have had 2 really good lessons with him.  He doesn't know very much about religion, but he is very open and wants to believe in the gospel.  I'm pretty sure he'll progress really well!  Referrals from members are always super good!!  Everyone should help the missionaries with referrals, because that's where the miracles occur!

We also received a referral of a young 16 year old girl named Carolina.  She lives next to Estefany, one of the girls baptized a few months ago.  She seems interested and has the whole family of Bienvenido helping her out.  So with that kind of support, she'll have lots of testimonies to lean on until she can find out for herself.

We've also starting meeting with some other families and young adults.  We are also trying to put a new activity in place that will help the branch be more motivated to share the gospel and build up the kingdom here in Gurabo.  I guess we'll see how it goes in the next few weeks!

As for what Mom can say in church, I'll think this next week and let you know.  But encourage the ward to give referrals to the missionaries.  That's where we find success, and alot of people just need to be invited to listen!  So give referrals!!

Thanks for all the support and prayers!  The church is true and missionary work rocks!!  

Elder Jensen

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