Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Week in the DR...

Hola Everyone!!

 This past week has been pretty slow.  The rest of the Latinos showed up,
so currently there is 39 missionaries piled into the 4th floor of the CCM.
Let's just say its very, very crowded!  My companion and I (along with the
rest of the missionaries) got to go contacting at the local university.  I
must just have rotten luck, because every person we talked to was a devoted
Catholic.  But oh well, hopefully we planted a seed that can grow and
develop into something bigger!  We had the President of the Este mission
come and speak to the CCM last Sunday.  I feel pretty good about my
spanish...I can understand 1 out of 10 words rather then just 1 out of 15!
Hopefully soon I can understand 1 our of 5 words...
  Nothing else too exciting really happened this week.  We did a lot of
studying, and a little more studying.  The weather is getting hotter, and
there isn't quite as much rain, but I've heard that Santiago has the most
rain, so I'll be able to be in water after all, haha!  People continue to
have stories about what to expect on a mission and things to make sure not
to do!  Most of the time I just nod my head and say "Yep, ok I'll try not
to."  When people start preaching to you about things to do and not to
do before you're actually out in the field all it does is confuse your
 This past week I've spent a lot of time reading Jesus the Christ by James
Talmage.  He was one spiritual man, that Talmage guy was.  Anyways,
something that really caught my attention is when Talmage analyzes the
different Apostles of Christ's ministry.  When he spoke of Peter, Andrew,
James, and John it really increased my faith in those servants of the
Lord.  You see, those four men were fishermen when Christ came and said "Ï
will make you fishers of men."  Most people know that, but what they don't
realize is the status of the 4 as fishermen.  They all owned their boats,
and had a paid crew aboard each boat.  That right there is big!  Back in
the day that was quite well off!  And we find out Peter owned
his own house, and they all had material possessions.  I always thought that
the 4 of them were just poor fishermen trying to get by, but I learned that
these mean were very well off "physically" anyway.  And yet when Christ
came and called them to follow him, the four men dropped their nets and
followed Christ.  How much faith and heart would that take to drop your
whole life and devote yourself to following the master?  These were rich
men, who gave up everything to serve the Lord.  I wonder about all the
things I've given up to come out on the mission for 2 years.  Yes, I've
given up Work, School, Girls, Money, Movies, etc, but looking at the
sacrifice that those 4 Apostles gave to serve the Savior, I haven't had to
give up that much at all!  These men gave up their whole life on earth to
serve the lord, I've been asked to give only 2 years of my life to be a
full-time servant of the Lord!  Peter, Andrew, James, and John are amazing
examples!  I want to be able to have the amount of faith they had, so when
the Master calls me to work I can be there to answer the call!  I challenge
each of you to continue building your faith and serving the lord.  Magnify
your callings a little more, attend the temple more often, give a little
more fast offering, have a little more charity for people, and thank your
Heavenly Father for everything he has given you!  Most people haven't been
asked to devote their life to the lord, but we can devote a little more
time to serve him and help build up the kingdom.  I know with all my heart
this church is true.  Jesus lives and he is the Savior of the world.  Put
your faith is him and he will always be walking by your side.  In the name
of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Keep the faith and have an amazing week!  I'll talk to you all next

Elder Jensen

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